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Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

What is intense pulsed light?

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is a treatment derived from a broad band light, which adjusts depending on the injury to be even more specific. It is the optimal treatment to reduce the excess pigment that generates the spots in our skin, as well as to diminish the fine wrinkles, the small telangiectasias (vascular spiders), the diffuse redness and the pore size of the skin

What is the treatment?

The treatment consists of the application of a beam of light similar to the laser but more versatile and with better results. The number of sessions can range from one to

It is possible that during the first few days (between 7 and 10) the spots and / or redness may appear more pronounced, although a minimum of 4 weeks is necessary to evaluate the results.

What's the score?

The final result is a more beautiful, turgid and younger-looking skin. Its benefits are especially visible during the month of treatment and it is at this moment that the result of the first session is evaluated and the need for a session to review any blemishes or redness or the realization of a new session is evaluated.

After the treatment and especially during the first month, high sun protection should be used and avoid direct sun exposure. Sunspots tend to reappear if we do not protect ourselves well.

It is recommended that the use of light and laser-based devices be managed by dermatologists with training in these areas.